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Audiences all across the United States and in four foreign countries have enjoyed the Magic of Dave Vaught and Company as they performed on cruise ships, in night clubs, at conventions, for schools and colleges and filmed five TV shows including HBO and Showtime. As a full-time entertainer, Dave continues to delight and amaze spectators with his special combination of magic, music and mystery.

Dave Vaught:

Dave has been a magician and performer his whole adult life. Dave is an accomplished stage magician as well as an amazing close-up artist. He has performed his magic all over the United States and also on cruise ships. Even though he still travels, Dave always returns home to his roots.


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ill titleDave Vaught - Magician

ill_2Master Illusionist and member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, became interested in the art of magic and illusion as a child and began performing for private parties by the age of fifteen.

At the same time, Dave also became involved in his second love, music, as a vocalist and lead guitarist. Eventually he was able to balance both areas by choreographing his shows to specially selected music to give his performances a more theatrical and unified theme

Dave performs his magic!