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Aug. 3, 2007  Virginia Highlands Festival in Abingdon VA and Southeastern Masonic Conference in Pigeon Forge TN

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dave vaught

Dave & Wendy

Dave Vaught and Company's greatest contribution to the art of magic is not only their mastery of illusion and Dave's slight of hand, but the ability to create a theatrical experience for the entire audience and leave them saying...

'How did they do that?!?'

dave vaught

dave vaught Merlin

Dave Vaught:

Dave has been a magician and performer his whole adult life. Dave is an accomplished stage magician as well as an amazing close-up artist. He has performed his magic all over the United States and also on cruise ships. Even though he still travels, Dave always returns home to his roots.



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The Magic of

Dave Vaught

Dave Vaught & Company bring the art of superior performance to the science of magic. This illusion act blends perfectly with the sophisticated audiences of today. Performance after performance leaves people with a feeling of wonder and amazement.

As master of illusion, Dave and the company have developed a unique way of relating to children which also creates a feeling of childhood wonder for the adults. By involving both in portions of the show, they weave a spell of magic for all.

Performing on TV as well as in fairs and festivals, Dave has developed the skill to execute difficult illusions such as: The Motorcycle Vanish and the Table of Death - to the bewilderment of everyone.

dave vaught


Dave Vaught and Co
Dave, Wendy & Merlin in the middle

with Wade & Shirley Clarke...

Wade and Shirley Clarke joined Dave Vaught & Company in April 1990. Together they take care of all the stage props and are the magic 'on-stage' assistants. They are very creative and have made some original routines and illusions for the show. They do a fantastic job building our sets and illusions!

Dave Vaught & Company has been performing magic for over 25 years. His style of entertaining brings the theatre alive and thrills his audiences with mind blowing illusions. David can perform for all audiences. His routines are original and vary from children's parties to luncheons to corporate sponsored events. The artistry presented by this master illusionist is unique and well rehearsed to insure quality in every performance.


Whether it is the big stage, or no stage, David is always comfortable and brilliant in any environment. David is a long time member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.) He has a full staff of assistance at the ready to put on a full stage show if necessary for your needs.

David and his crew have performed many different stage illusions on television shows as well as festivals and fairs over the years. People have grown-up watching him. His staying power is a testament to his commitment to magic and the effect he brings every single night. He takes part in many annual events year after year. With the Magic of Dave Vaught and Co., you receive the most professional magic and master of illusion and a show thst's unforgettable time and time again.

Most magicians will never earn the name 'master magician'
Dave Vaught has earned that title.